Fill my teacup list (A mini-bucket list for October)

Bens Chili Bowl, U St NW (15542832)

Visited by presidents and presidential hopefuls — never by me. Image via Wikipedia

In two weeks, I’ll mark the anniversary of two unspeakably sad deaths, two days apart. What better way to honor those lost than by living well?

In true metro-Washingtonian fashion, I rarely take advantage of the things this region has to offer. I have six days off — in a row — from the grueling job.

How should I spend them? I need ideas from the Potomacized peanut gallery. Should I do galleries and museums? Shamefully, I’ve never toured Holocaust, Native American, Spy or Madame Tussauds. There I could wax prophetic.

Should I cheat death and go on gastronomic adventures? Never sampled The Willard Room or Ben’s Chili Bowl or Georgia Brown’s. Wondering what else I’m missing.

Maybe a sail on the Potomac. Or an authentic Oktoberfest, with foaming beer and polka dancers, say, at Blob’s Park in Jessup, Md., “Home of America’s First Oktoberfest.” I do enough theater, but maybe I should catch a drag show at So Addictive in Herndon, Va. Or a comedy set at the only revolving bar/restaurant in the area, the Skydome Lounge in Arlington, Va.

Good thing there’s still a Washington Post weekend section as a jumping-off point. But, perhaps one of my readers has recently written a D.C. travel book that comes out next month — no names, Patty Kime — and can douse me in ideas?

I’ll wait for your gaggle of responses. Thanks in advance, and don’t waste any opportunities.

Oktoberfest actually sounds cool. Wondering whether it would be as festive as these guys.