About Terry (Davidson) Byrne

img_1922.jpgMakes a living as:
Digital journalist @ USA TODAY

Dabbles as: theater critic, video editor

In short, I am:

  • a mother who can’t get enough drama
  • a nature lover and nurture hound
  • half-Puerto Rican (& ex-P.R.-pat)
  • an editor dating to an era of bell-ringing typewriters and greasy red pencils, hot type and printers unions, morning and afternoon rival rags in the same town, and smoking, drinking and cussing in a newsroom with very few ladies present
  • a fan of bulleted lists

Published: In USA TODAY, The Washington Post, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, USA WEEKEND Magazine, DC Metro Theater Arts reviews website and on a smattering of flash-fiction sites, including ParagraphPlanet.com.


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